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I took this shot this morning when I stepped out of the house on my way to work.  I guess I was running late because the eagle was already on his job.  The morning sky offered a wonderful backdrop to his silhouette.

On The Job

On The Job


I saw the hawk this morning as I was walking into work…and I see hawks on a regualr basis, but this one was downtown.  I guess he wanted to do some early shopping for it got too crowded.  TGIF…..even for hawks!!

morning hawk

As the early sun makes its appearance, I am reminded of Jimmy Dean sausage.  In the commericals, the day doesn’t start until the sun has had his morning sausage.  Looks like he had a great breakfast, because today started out 15 degrees warmer than the day before.  Each day when I see the sun, it gives make hope for things better to come.  New beginnings, the start of a new day….a clean slate!  Each of us writes our own destiny……. Seize this day!
morning sun

Jimmy Dean